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At this time, someone sends emails with falsified return addresses (e.g.

I do declare, that I never send emails with advertisment for any medicals or something like this.

I´m very sad, if You´re troubled with it, but I can´t do anything at this moment. I ´m receiving hundreds of “ Mailer daemon” with undeliverable mails a day by myself.



Under construction
(   auch noch in Bearbeitung, aber bitte hier klicken für die deutsche Version   
site in english )
This will be (I hope soon ...) the site of:
Andreas und Rita Herber
Erwin-Schumacher-Weg 8
75447 Sternenfels
(this is between Pforzheim and Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg,Germany!!)
if you want to tell us something,
please click here :
email Adresse
If you are interested in dolls, i have started with the Dolls Paradise yet
to Dolls Paradise
to Dolls Paradise ,please click on the picture .